Our favorite fabrics on our favorite beds


It’s true, that Mary Engelbreit fabrics make great material for clothes, dresses, curtains, tablecloths and a whole host of other uses. But our favorite has always been and will always be bed sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases.

There’s just something about seeing the quirky designs laid out on a king size or queen size bed that makes them special. Of course if you want to see examples of these, you will have to trawl far across the internet to find something suitable to you.

Those lucky enough to be living in the idyllic county of Yorkshire, Englang, can check out Quiet Night Beds for a range of options. They’re a cheap bed retailer in West Yorkshire. In North America, you can check out Etsy or Pinterest for some leads.

Do check those sites out. They’ll give you a valuable insight into how these fabrics will actually look in your bedroom. The designs are charming and certainly have the cute factor. But that doesn’t mean you should relegate the bed to just the children’s bed. No, they look just as fine on a double bed in an adult room.

The best thing about this, in our opinion, is that you have a range of options to buy the fabrics yourself and craft them into any type of bedroom furnishing. Create curtains and you’ll have a room fully decked out in Mary’s exquisite designs.

That’s the joy of these illustrations. You can go to bed at night and wak up in the morning with these fun cute illustrations that are now an icon of design and illustration.


Creating your own fabrics

As anyone who’s seen David Lynch’s masterful documentary on comic illustrator Robert Crumb will know, to achieve anything like the drawing technique of a master, requires up to eight hours a day of drawing, dilligently and unceasingly. Indeed, it is this that makes Mary Engelbert’s drawing’s so satisfying.

Just read a quote from an interview Crumb gave to The Paris Review, regarding his drawing process:

“How’s this angle, his arm, and the guy’s holding a tool, how does that look? I used Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion, from the late 1800s. It includes hundreds of photos of naked people in action, really handy for any kind of cartoon work where you have to draw people realistically in different actions and poses. Like the scene where Jacob is wrestling with the angel; fortunately there were pages of photos in Muybridge’s book of men wrestling.”

These words should be kept in mind before your begin the task of designing your own fabrics. These might look nice and duvets and pillow covers on beds, or cushions on couches, but even the abstract detailing of Mary’s drawing require thorough practice.

Watch Mary Engelbreit Draw!

Our favorite illustrators draws live for the cameras!

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